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Bernardo Gallegos

Bernardo Gallegos has served as a professor of Educational Foundations for over twenty four years at four universities. Dr. Gallegos research has focussed on the history of literacy and education in the Southwestern United States, Mexico, and Latin America. His primary interest is in Native American education, culture, and history.

Dr. Bernardo Gallegos has held the positions of Professor of Educational Foundations at California State University, Los Angeles; Professor of Educational Policy Studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago; Distinguised Professor in the Department of Educational Leadership at Washington State University; and currently Professor of Foundations of Education at National University, Los Angeles. Dr. Bernardo Gallegos serves as Course Lead for Educational Foundations, Diversity in Learning and Teaching, and Methods for Teaching Social Science. Professor Gallegos is past president of the American Educational Studies Association and the History of Literacy SIG of the International Reading Association.

Dr. Bernardo Gallegos' publications address the history of literacy in New Mexico, Indigenous education in the Americas, Indian slavery, genizaros, and performance theories and education.

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